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Subject: [relax-ng] Agenda for RELAX NG telcon 20 June 2002

Compact syntax

1. Should "externalRef" keyword be renamed to "external"?

2. Should "notAllowed" keyword be changed so as to avoid mixed case 

3. Does anybody prefer "()" as used by XQuery instead of  the "empty" 

4. Should we allow

  attribute foo { }

as a shorthand for

  attribute foo { text }


5. Should we make quotes on parameter values optional when the value is an 

xs:string { minLength = 1 }


6. Should we introduce an alternative string literal syntax that works well 
for strings that may contain multiple " and ' characters?  The leading 
contender is Python-style triple-quoted strings.

7. Should we provide an alternative syntax for an annotation element that 
occurs as the first child of a RELAX NG element but is not semantically an 
annotation on that parent element?  Kawaguchi-san gave as an example:

<element name="foo">

8. What should the conformance clause say?


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