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Subject: re: [relax-ng] marketing

Message text written by Michael Fitzgerald
>I think we can do more marketing than we are doing now.


Here's another stellar idea - frankly I think that post 9/11 and
the XML bubble bursting - F2F conferences are a dead duck.
Attendence is in the hole.

I've had great success with online Webinars however - and
attendence is strong.

I believe I could line up something with Intellor.com (nice outfit,
good people).

They'd need some sponsorship to cover the modest $$ - 
a guess here - we could get Sun and XML Global and OASIS 
between them to sponsor it.

Then we line up 3 sessions.   Executive level "Why RELAX?",
standards story - go forward, support, future, ISO, etc;
then implementation level "Where can I benefit from RELAX - 
Business Use Cases",  and then finally "RELAX together" - 
hands-on live demo's of tools.

We pitch the heck out of this on XML-dev, the comics,
and zines, etc.

Then we record those sessions and put them available from
our site for prosperity.

If I can get volunteers to do the sessions - and this sounds
like a great idea - I'll get the sponsorship covered - and 
then all we need to do is pick a date....

Cheers, DW.

p.s. Intellors webinar software works from any PC and 
dial-up worldwide.

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