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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Some comments on the compatibility spec

> 1) "quoted terminals"?
> I was confused by "quoted terminals" in the first para of Section 3.
> Some examples (e.g., "empty") would help.

How about changing it to "strings occurring in double quotes"?

> 2) param, exceptPattern, and exceptNameClass cannot have annotations.
>   - param: why don't we allow  param to have annotation attributes?
>     For example,
> foo {[myAnnotation1 = ""] myParam1 =""
>              [myAnnotation2 = ""] myParam2 =""}

This is allowed already.  See the production for param in Annex A.  I'll fix
5.1 to match.

>   - except: we can allow annotationElement to occur before "-".

Don't you mean "annotation" rather than "annotationElement"?  I think that
should work, but I would have to implement it to be sure.

> Do people think this is ugly?

A bit.  Also it doesn't completely solve the problem, because you also need
to support >> annotations (corresponding to annotation elements following
the <except>).  I suppose you could put those after the "-", but that's
really ugly.

> 3) URIs or URI references?
> In the RELAX NG spec, we used the term "anyURI", which is defined by
> the XML Schema specification.  Actually, it is not a URI but a URI
> reference.  I.e., it can be relative and have fragment identifiers.
> In this spec, we have a keyword "uri", which is defined as literal
> (which is quoted).  I think that we should call it "anyURI" for
> consitency

I think using anyURI would be inconsistent, because we need something that
includes quotes whereas anyURI doesn't include the quotes.  I suggest
anyURILiteral.. (I changed namespaceUri to namespaceURILiteral to match.)

> and explicitly say that we mean URI references.

I fixed this in the definition of mapSchemaRef and in the para added to
section 2 to deal with 4.

>  Conformant
> implementations are not required to check whether a given string is a
> URI reference or not.

I think the same requirements should apply as in the XML syntax (i.e. you
have to check that include/externalRef are legal anyURIs but not for
namespace URIs).  I added a new anyURILiteral production and associated
constraint to Annex A.

> 4) The URI reference specified by includes and externalRef
> Explicitly state that this URI reference is resolved to a compact
> syntax grammar rather than the XML syntax grammar.

I added a para to section 2.

> 5) typo
> "an" in the second para of 5.3 should read "a".



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