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Subject: [relax-ng] Some comments on the compatibility spec

1) "quoted terminals"?

I was confused by "quoted terminals" in the first para of Section 3.
Some examples (e.g., "empty") would help.

2) param, exceptPattern, and exceptNameClass cannot have annotations.

  - param: why don't we allow  param to have annotation attributes?
    For example, 
	foo {[myAnnotation1 = ""] myParam1 =""
             [myAnnotation2 = ""] myParam2 =""}

  - except: we can allow annotationElement to occur before "-".  Do 
    people think this is ugly?

3) URIs or URI references? 

In the RELAX NG spec, we used the term "anyURI", which is defined by
the XML Schema specification.  Actually, it is not a URI but a URI
reference.  I.e., it can be relative and have fragment identifiers.

In this spec, we have a keyword "uri", which is defined as literal
(which is quoted).  I think that we should call it "anyURI" for
consitency and explicitly say that we mean URI references.  Conformant
implementations are not required to check whether a given string is a
URI reference or not.

4) The URI reference specified by includes and externalRef

Explicitly state that this URI reference is resolved to a compact
syntax grammar rather than the XML syntax grammar.

5) typo

"an" in the second para of 5.3 should read "a".



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