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Subject: New booth space layout options for consideration -- Decision deadline is Wednesday, 16 December

Hi Everyone,

We've received a few concerns about our proposed booth layout (attached V4), so we've decided to expand our options for the group review.  Unfortunately, our designer isn't able to provide us with new booth layout design options using their software, so we use another package to help visualize these new options.  The final selected design will have the same equipment and look as noted in the attached V4.    

New booth layout options include: 

V1 - four clusters (one in each corner) with a lead retrieval counter & literature racks in the center

V2 - double sided pods with a lead retrieval counter & literature racks in the center

V3 - u-shape pod display with counter/literature in the front and small round table/chairs in center (note: this option would NOT include the backdrop wall and video monitors - as the cost for the extra graphics involved would exceed our budget; also the individual company logos in this option will moved and placed on the front of each pod)

Please be ready to make a final decision on the booth layout design during our meeting on Wednesday.  Feel free to send around comments before the meeting to the group. 

Thanks so much, Jane

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