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Subject: SAF Issue #14 - Templated syndromes & protocols



The proposal for template syndromes & protocols was to:

1.   Append a /template suffix on to the SyndromeType (and ProtocolType) to indicate it is a template.

2.   Add some kind of token/eyecatcher for substitutable parameters in the Syndrome signature and the Protocol directive.


For example, a template syndrome for Fever might look like this:

SyndromeType = health/fever/template

Signature = /SymptomStore/Symptom[matches(SymptomType,’^health/fever/.*$’) and Content/temperature>{temperature}

The {temperature} is the substitutable parameter.


One might copy the template, substituting parameters to create a human fever syndrome as follows:

SyndromeType = health/fever/human

Signature = /SymptomStore/Symptom[matches(SymptomType,’^health/fever/.*$’) and Content/temperature>98.6


After further discussion today, I’m concerned the proposal for template syndromes/protocols might muddy the spec, as a token in the xquery would mean XQUERY alone isn't sufficient.  Perhaps we add this to our “futures” section, or include in best practices non-normative documents.



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