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Subject: [saml-dev] Promised Participant Spreadsheet

I have attached the promised SAML Interop 2002 Participant
spreadsheet, summarizing what we discussed in our con call
and much of what Dee put in the minutes.

Please check the information to make sure that it is
correct. Let me know if there is information to add and I
will repost. If there is additional information that we
should add, just let me know.

I have contacted Cisco, Systinet and Verisign. No response
yet from Cisco or Verisign, but Anne Thomas Manes has
already replied and her information is reflected in the

I will be out of the country starting Monday and have
limited access to email (I think). However, Ping will be
monitoring the list for Sun while I'm gone. We should have
an answer very soon confirming use of our facilities for the
west coast dry run the week of 6/17.

Prateek we still need you to repost the proposed scenario
for the technical focus. We only have a short time left
before our self-imposed deadline of 5/15 and probably have
much more to discuss. If you have questions or proposals of
your own, now is the time to speak up :-)

We also need each vendor to send in the description of the
application(s) they will be providing for the demo.

Thanks everybody!


Attachment: SAML_Interop_2002_Participants.xls
Description: application/msexcel

Attachment: don.bowen.vcf
Description: Card for Don Bowen

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