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Subject: [saml-dev] Proposed Agenda Items for Tuesday's call - 5/7/2002

Here are some proposed agenda items for our call on Tuesday.
Because I'm in France I may not be able to call in (I hope
this can be changed).

1. Clarify all actions related to finalizing technical focus

As Hal and I both have said in recent emails, we must start
making final decisions on what will be tested and by who.
This needs to be at a sufficient enough detail so that there
are no doubts. I have a small fear that we might include too
much, as Prateek warned in the beginning. However, I have a
bigger fear that we won't include enough or that we will
"agree" to include something, but because of the lack of
detailed communication about what that means someone will be
left out. We absolutely must avoid either of these
scenarios. Personally I believe that browser profile is not
enough, but discussions on other aspects have not been
sufficient. I'm not even sure the browser profile details
are sufficient. This is our highest priority.

2. Review dry-run configuration details as proposed by
Robert Philpott from RSA

There has just been too little of this thread for me to feel
good, but I don't think it should take much to have
something we can go with for both east and west coast

3. Review which companies will attend and where

This information is in the spreadsheet I've been
maintaining, but won't hurt to review

4. Check status on marketing progress

I don't know that anything is going on in this area and that
has to change quickly. I will talk to our marketing person
this week, but we almost need a marketing point person. They
don't have to know everything, just take responsibility to
make sure discussions are taking place and sufficient
progress is occurring to insure success for that element. If
we fail here, we fail :-)

5. Review status on each vendor's SAML development

Not a big deal, but we should just insure that dates in the
spreadsheet and associated capabilities are still valid.

There are probably other points some of you can add. This
will take most of our time.

Regards from Paris :-) in case I can't participate.


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