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Subject: [saml-dev] Authentication

Hi all;
The SAML standards seem to assume that authentication takes place outside of the SAML / SAMLP arena. The SAML cs-sstc-core-00 documentation states in section 3.3.3 Element <AuthenticationQuery> that this element "MAY NOT be used as a request for a new authentication". My question is how do I request a new authentication (with a User ID and Password) in SAML?
I am working to implement a shared security service in an environment that has multiple authoritative security stores. We will develop a single shared service that puts a normalized face on all of the security stores, and we are evaluating the SAML standards to be used in this effort. All of our communications will take place over MQ Series, and we will be using XML formatted messages. At first glance the SAML standards seem to be a good fit, but I'm having a bit of difficulty seeing the full detailed picture. Any help and/or a sample authentication request document would be greatly appreciated. (I've seen the sample authentication reply, but I can't seem to figure out the request)
Mike Storey

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