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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] [Fwd: RE: URGENT: PARTICIPANTS MUST READ]

The person coordinating Tivoli's participation in the event is out of the 
office until next week, which is why we've been a little slow to respond 
to some of the recent requests for status. 

Regarding our power needs: We will be bringing two laptops to the event, 
and possibly a monitor or two.

Jim's document made it sound like there is some confusion about IBM-Tivoli 
versus Tivoli: they are one and the same.  Tivoli will definitely be 

Hopefully we will have some more information on exactly what our 
demonstration app will look like next week.


Don Bowen <don.bowen@sun.com>
05/16/2002 12:06 PM

        To:     saml-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
        Subject:        [saml-dev] [Fwd: RE: URGENT: PARTICIPANTS MUST READ]


Per Jim's request.


-------- Original Message --------
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 07:44:18 -0600
From: James Kobielus <jkobielus@burtongroup.com>
To: "'Don Bowen'" <don.bowen@sun.com>
CC: Kathy Herrmann <KHerrmann@burtongroup.com>


Thanks for posting the previous messages to the SAML-DEV

Can you please post this current message and attachment to
the group as well
(after you've had a chance to review it)? I've thought
through your likely
facilities requirements for the demo/suite, and I've made
some working
assumptions in all the areas I outlined. My hunch is that
the only things
Kathy Herrmann will need to discuss/request with the hotel
and others are:

--Ordering 10 six-foot-long stand-up tables for the
computers and literature
--Ordering 13 monitor-mounted display signs, one for each
vendor (per whatever design is agreed upon by the
participating vendors)
--Ordering the food/drink cart/tables and

My current working assumptions (contained in the attached
document) are that
my proposed room layout/design are OK; there will be no more
than one
CPU/monitor station per participating vendor; that vendors
will provide
their own Ethernet/LAN switch and horizontal cabling; that
existing in-room
lighting fixtures and power outlets will be sufficient; and
that no Internet
connections or desk telephones will be required in the room.
I'm also
assuming that the press conference will take place in the
demo/suite room.

Please have the team confirm/correct/adjust these
assumptions ASAP. Kathy
can't negotiate/provision these things without your
confirmation. The longer
you wait, the less likely it is that Kathy will be able to
provision them
for the demo/suite in time.

I'm trying to make your and Kathy's jobs easier by positing
some plausible
assumptions in all these areas. Time's a-wasting.



#### CA-02-NA OASIS SAML industry interop demo current facilities 
assumptions.doc has been removed from this note on May 16 2002 by Brian 

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