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Subject: [saml-dev] Interop and the Errata-01

I would like to verify that the participants in the InterOp event would all be basing their implementations on the recently posted errata.



Andrew Fetterer

CrossLogix, Inc.


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Title: [saml-dev] Potential errata, take two: draft-sstc-cs-errata-01.doc

Attached is the second version (01) of the errata list for the Committee
Specs and the schema files.  This list has been updated to reflect
several new potential errata and to reflect decisions made in today's
SSTC telecon.

Please note that some decisions *may affect your implementation*!  We
had good representation by implementors on the telecon and we did our
best to accommodate their wishes; note that all decisions were
ultimately unanimous.  However, if you really really have a problem with
any of our decisions, please let us know, and we may be able to
reconsider in our 28 May telecon.  If you have comments, please use
either the TC list (if you're on it) or the security-services-comment
list, as explained on the title page.

Here is a quick summary of those errata deemed to be the most invasive
to implementations because their fixes involve either a change to the
schema or the moral equivalent of a schema change.  Note, however, that
you should check the errata document carefully for details on *all* the
changes; for example, in other cases where the schema and prose were
inconsistent, you might have followed the prose while we reconfirmed the
correctness of the schema version.

- E1, related to StatusMessage maxOccurs

   Change lines 1195, 1205, and 1979 in cs-sstc-core-00 and also change
   line 106 in cs-sstc-schema-protocol-00.xsd to reflect a maxOccurs of

- E6, related to Sender/Receiver status codes

   Change lines 1224-1227 of cs-sstc-core-00 as follows:

     The request could not be performed due to an error on the part of
     the requester.

     The request could not be performed due to an error on the part of
     the responder.

- E7, related to the cardinality of Evidence

   Change line 754 in cs-sstc-core-00 to say that the cardinality of
   Evidence in  AuthorizationDecisionStatement is "[Optional]".  Change
   lines 1106-1107 and 1120/1943, and also line 74 of
   cs-sstc-schema-protocol-00.xsd, to make Evidence in the context of
   AuthorizationDecisionQuery have a maxOccurs of "1" and be described as

Eve Maler                                    +1 781 442 3190
Sun Microsystems XML Technology Center   eve.maler @ sun.com


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