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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Introduction & Question about the "heaviness" of S AML

> Your comments indicate that you are approaching SAML in terms 
> of its broadest goals and philosophies. All of which is good 
> and entirely appropriate
> BUT you should also be aware that SAML also includes detailed 
> solutions to specific problems such as single sign-on. 

To follow this up, the broader point is that "SAML" doesn't solve a
problem, "SAML Profiles" do. The SAML messages are just a framework for
carrying certain types of data around in a security-technology-neutral

It would not be a "mistake" to invent a SAML profile to solve a new
security problem. It would be (IMHO) more of a mistake to reinvent the
formats and carry the same data around in XML with a different schema
without a good reason.

-- Scott

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