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Subject: Re: new to OpenSAML

Well, sorry for the previous post, intended to the OpenSAML mailing list.

But if there is someone here that can give me any use case of SAML, with 
a basic sequence of requests and answers, starting from the 
authentication, it will help me.

In fact I don't exactly understand how the authentication system, which 
seems to be separated from SAML, is linked to it.

If a user authenticate against the security system, what does the server 
return to him ? Is it an authentication assertion, or a reference to 
this assertion ? And if it is a reference to the assertion, which data 
structure has to be used ?

Thank you very much, and sorry again for the previous post

François Beretti

François Beretti a écrit :

> Hello all
> I am quite new to saml and planning to build a security system based 
> on saml. I plan to use the OpenSAML library which seems to be very nice.
> Is there a place where I can find some sample code using OpenSAML ?
> In fact I have some difficulties to understand the whole SAML 
> standard, and I think that reading a concrete use case will help me a lot
> thank you very much
> François

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