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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] Which version to use?

> ID-WSF for the web service invocations

What do you mean here ? Also there are interoperability issues here between SAML (1.0, 1.1, 1.2) and the various Liberty specifications. I would agree that SAML 2.0 should split off the SSO from identity federation.

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          11/09/2004 05:45 AM


Jean-NoŽl Colin <jean-noel.colin@oxys.be>


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Re: [saml-dev] Which version to use?

Jean-NoŽl Colin wrote on 11/9/2004, 3:11 AM:
> But what about ID-WSF, which in our case, would be the way to go, as
> all communication between application components will be web-service
> based?

I would use SAML 2.0 for identity federation and SSO and I would use
ID-WSF for the web service invocations.  At this point there is not
a released spec that shows how SAML 2.0 should be integrated into
ID-WSF, but as SAML 2.0 nears completion/approval,  I would bet that
you will see such information being published.


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