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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Artifact Format and EndpointIndex in 2.0

> The problem (for me, at least) stems from the phrase "any artifact" in
> the opening line of the quote.  Since artifacts of type 0x0001--0x0003
> do not have an EndpointIndex, they do not qualify as "any artifact" as
> defined in SAML2.  So what is the "status" of these older artifact
> formats?  (Surely, a SAML2 implementation can take advantage of them
> since indexed endpoints have defaults.)

No. SAML 1.x artifacts have no place in SAML 2.0 whatsoever. Different
semantics entirely.

> Then the original definition of SAML_artifact in SAML 1.1 is 
> preserved.

That is not in any way shape or form a goal.

-- Scott

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