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Subject: Hello SAML test service

   Hello all,

   recently it was asked in saml-dev ml about an open test service 
 for helping developers to deploy and test SAML.

   We have used AARR (Authentication and Authorization Requester 
  Responder), for creating such a service. A beta of the service is 
  now available at this URL:


   Basically, it's a web front-end to AARR using different requester 
  and responder profiles. The tool is able to perform HTTP SAML 
  requests to a certain service configured by the user (requester
  mode), or receive and answer queries in an special URL created 
  for the user (rsponder mode). The logs provided by AARR are also

    It's still very basic, and probably lacks a lot of desirable features,
  but if you find it interesting we can improve it in the future. Any 
  suggestions will be really appreciated.

    Best regards,

    José Manuel.

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