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Subject: Re: [saml-dev] discovery?

On 30-Mar-06, at 10:50 AM, Tom Scavo wrote:

>> By which I mean a
>> user interacts
>> with a relying party and tells it who their IdP is.
> Via browser cookies, yes.

Ah, ok, shared domain between the IdP & RP.

Are there any public domains for that?

>> The RP then talks
>> to the IdP to see
>> what services it provides... then the regular request/response  
>> occurs.
> I'm not sure about this last part since I'm not sure what you mean by
> "see what services it provides."  The Service Provider sends an
> AuthnRequest to the IdP (via the browser).

Found it. I'd merged a couple of concepts.

It's the IdP's MetaData... NAPTR points to an XML which contains a
description of the services offered which is pulled via HTTP and it
has a well-known content type.


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