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Subject: SAML Elevator Speech

Hi Folks,


I am trying to boil down SAML to its essence.  Below is what I’ve come up with. 


SAML Elevator Speech


A service provider can ask an authority one of these questions:


  1. Have you authenticated this ____ subject?
  2. For this ____ subject, what are his values for these ____ attributes?
  3. Should this ____ subject be allowed to take these ____ actions on this ____ resource?



An authority can make these statements (assertions):


  1. This ____ subject was authenticated on this ____ datetime, using this ____ mechanism.
  2. This ____ subject has this ____ value for this ____ attribute.
  3. For this ____ subject, taking this ____ action on this ____ resource, the decision is ____.



Is this an accurate assessment of what you can do with SAML?  Is it complete?  /Roger

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