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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] Deflate compression again

> What doesn't work however is decoding in this way the SAMLRequest 
> parameter that is presented
> as an example of the Redirect Binding in the SAML2 Bindings document.
> Are we missing something or is this example not encoded correctly? If 
> the latter is the case, could someone
> supply a correctly encoded SAMLRequest for testing purposes?

I asked people to test the sample or provide a correct one for a year during
review, nothing happened, so that's what was left in.

I did NOT use Java to produce it, I attempted to guess at how to manually
remove the gzip headers from the data myself, partly to see whether I could
in fact produce a working example without Java.

Nobody verified it either way, so if it's wrong, it's wrong.

-- Scott

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