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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML2.0 implementations

> Okay, so here's a start, just to get the protocols and versions 
> down.  I'm not a developer, so I'm hesitant to do any further 
> qualification of the "type" of each one, so could use some help 
> here.

There are almost always two basic kinds of packages, one that just provides
libraries to build something with, and one that actually provides a working
solution for something.

The former without the latter is certainly possible, and I could easily
imagine somebody providing the latter without the former. There may be
libraries inside, but not in a state that could be used independently.

> http://www.OpenSAML.org (Internet2) - Java, C++
> - Current coverage:
>    SAML V1.0, 1.1
> - Planned coverage:
>    SAML V2.0

OpenSAML is of course just a library toolkit, and that's pretty accurate wrt
coverage. 2.0 support is nearing completion but won't be API frozen for a
while yet.

Shibboleth is a working web SSO implementation, with current coverage of
SAML 1.x and WS-Federation, and planned coverage of SAML 2.0 and possibly
other future work.

-- Scott

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