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Subject: fyi: ESOE Beta 1 -- Enterprise Sign On Engine

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: ESOE Beta 1
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 22:11:34 +1000
From: Bradley Beddoes <b.beddoes@qut.edu.au>
Reply-To: shibboleth-users@internet2.edu
To: shibboleth-users@internet2.edu

Hi All,
Just for the record permission was given to post about this non
shibboleth but still relevant topic on the shibboleth list prior to
posting. I would ask if your interested in our project that any
discussion be taken to our user forums so as not to get this list off track.

For the past 10 months we've been working on a system we call the
Enterprise Sign On Engine. Its a SAML2 implementation in both Java and
C++ as well as being an implementation of (albeit reduced) XACML 2.0 spec.

ESOE supports features like native windows integration, integration with
Shibboleth, integration with OpenID and of extremely powerful,
centralized authorization policies. It also performs tasks such as
attribute aggregation and monitoring of client versions in use at
service providers but to name a few of its features.

While SAML 2 based if you thing of the CAS type of market then thats a
good chunk of the space in which ESOE is playing. Its not a replacement
for shibboleth but we believe it to be extremely complimentary.

If your interested in learning more I would invite you to check out
http://www.esoeproject.org where we have downloads, documentation and a
video introduction. The project is released under the Apache 2.0 license.


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