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Subject: RE: [saml-dev] SAML 1.1 Multiple Attribute Statement

Naveen wrote on 2009-03-04:
> I am also hearing for interoperability it is better to avoid multiple
> AttributeStatement. I would appreciate if you could provide more
> information on how off-the-shelf Federation product/Shibboleth handles
> multiple AttributeStatement .

That has to come from the vendors, but if it matters to the product, it's a
bug. That's all that can be said.

> Let's take the scenario in this email, if I have to mention the source
> from where the attributes was read in the AttributeStatment, What
> would be the best place to specify that? (qualifier ??), so that the
> SP implementation can make a design accordingly.

You can't, nor should you.

> or if I want to provide UserProfile attributes in one
> AttributeStatement, UserRole in another and User Organization in
> another AttributeStatement. Is it possible to tell the SP by any type
> of qualifier that this AttributeStatement contains UserRole..etc.


-- Scott

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