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Subject: X.500/LDAP attribute profile

Just a quick check whether my understanding is correct:

I'm looking at adding a SAML Profile to an existing LDAP Schema
specification.  One idea was to simply include a reference to
the updated X.500/LDAP Attribute Profile from SAML2.0
mostly for section 2.3 Attribute Naming.

But section 2.4 states that each SAML Attribute element "MUST contain
an XML attribute named Encoding defined in the XML namespace" (with
xsi:type="xs:string" and Encoding="LDAP", for attributes with UTF-8
character strings as values, which covers all attributes in my case),
and we do not add this Encoding attribute currently (and the lack of
it makes no difference to us in any way).
I take that to mean I can't formally reference the X.500/LDAP
attribute profile, as the required Encoding (but absent, in our
deployment) attribute would be missing in all our deployments?

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