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samldemotech message

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Subject: RE: RSA Interop 2005 Guidelines

Title: RE: RSA Interop 2005 Guidelines

Rich, I'm just asking that the ids (whatever they look like) be defined in the Appendix before the dry run (and it would be nice if the suffix portion of the rdns were the same). E.g.,

uid=alice, dc=entrust, dc=com
uid=bob, dc=entrust, dc=com
uid=charlie, dc=entrust, dc=com

uid=alice, o=datapower.com
uid=bob, o=datapower.com
uid=charlie, o=datapower.com


I'm not sure what you mean by storing an email addres in the subjectAltName as this attribute is not present in the Saml NameID when the format is an x509 subject name?


-----Original Message-----
From: Rich Salz [mailto:rsalz@datapower.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2005 3:40 PM
To: Ciochon, Robert
Cc: samldemotech; Mark Joynes
Subject: Re: RSA Interop 2005 Guidelines

> 30. For the x509 Subject name, I would like to restrict the data after
> the uid=<user>,<xxx>, where <xxx> is constant for any provider and
> defined ahead of time in the Appendix.

I prefer just to have O and CN in the DN's, but can easily handle C O OU
CN if desired.  The email address will be in subjectAltName.


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