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samldemotech message

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Subject: RE: RSA SAML Interop info

Title: RSA SAML Interop info
Bob, one correction on the doc. Section 5.1, item 3b. The SAML spec requires that the SubjConfData element be there. So s/MUST NOT/MUST or remove this item completely.
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From: Ciochon, Robert [mailto:Robert.Ciochon@ca.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2005 8:31 PM
To: samldemotech
Subject: RSA SAML Interop info

Attached is an updated version of the guidelines with the changes we have discussed via the conference calls and emails, an etc/hosts file and a spreadsheet with the base information for each vendor.  Please notify me if anything is not correct.

<<Vendor_info.xls>> <<RSA2005-saml-interop.doc>> <<hosts>>

Robert Ciochon
eTrust Development Manager
Computer Associates
San Diego, California
(858) 625-6866

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