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Subject: Doodle poll for in-person meeting

From various e-mail discussions, we have found some dates that do not work for the proposed SARIF TC face-to-face meeting. Below is a Doodle poll to select from several remaining options. Some notes:

* Doodle only lets me show one day, but this is a two-day meeting. I have selected the first day of each option, with the understanding that the meeting would continue the following day. The options are as follows.

Jan 31-Feb 1
Feb 6-7
Feb 7-8
Feb 8-9
Feb 12-13

*  You can vote three ways:  yes, no, or inconvenient but yes.


Please vote by the time the next teleconference starts, Wednesday, January 10, at 09:30 PST / 17:30 UTC.


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