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sarif message

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Subject: Merged changes for issues #66, #74, #81, and #88

I’ve merged the approved changes for the following issues into the provisional draft (Documents/ProvisionalDrafts/sarif-v2.0-wd02-provisional.docx):


  • #66: Enable traceability from converted SARIF file to original analysis tool log file
  • #74: Write the "Conformance" section of the spec
  • #81: Add 'open' as a result level
  • #88: Clarify that missing region indicates a reference to the complete file


I updated the document Schema changes between SARIF v1 and v2. Only #66 and #81 require schema changes.


In issue #66, I took the liberty of making one substantive change from the text you reviewed: I specified that the result.conversionProvenance array, if present, cannot be empty, and its elements must be unique. I think this change is uncontroversial but I will move to approve it at the next meeting.




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