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Subject: Change draft for #84: localization

I pushed a change draft for Issue #84, “Enable localization for all message strings,” according to the design we reviewed at TC #11.




This is a large, complicated, and pervasive change. To help you understand it:


  • I’ve attached a Markdown document that summarizes the schema changes. (I didn’t check this in because this content will ultimately end up in the document “Schema changes from SARIF v1 to v2.md”.
  • I left many comments in the margin to explain the “why” of some parts of the change.


Please use Word’s Review, Next change feature to step through the change draft. Some of the individual changes are large blocks of new text. Please read them with care!


I added this item to the Agenda that’s checked into the repo, and I will move for its adoption at the next TC meeting.




Attachment: Issue-84-schema-changes.md
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