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sarif message

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Subject: SARIF file naming convention

The spec does not propose a naming convention for SARIF files!


Should we specify “.sarif”? Do file format specs typically specify a filename extension?


I ask because in my resources proposal, I did specify a filename extension for SARIF resource files, namely ".messageStrings.json". While we’re on the topic, I don’t like that. First of all, resource files can contain both message strings and rule metadata, so ".resources.json" would be better. But if we specify ".sarif" for SARIF files, shouldn’t the resource filename extension also mention SARIF? Perhaps:


  • .resources.sarif
  • .sarif.resources
  • .sarif-resources
  • …?


I filed Issue #118, “SARIF file naming convention,” to decide:


  1. Whether the spec should specify a naming convention, and
  2. If so, what it should be (both for SARIF files and for SARIF resource files).


I marked this issue as CSD.1, which I think is non-controversial. PLEASE COMMENT IN THE ISSUE.




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