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Subject: Re: [sarif] sarif-schema.json updates?


Thanks! This is extremely helpful.


On 10/10/2018 5:20 PM, Larry Golding (Myriad Consulting Inc) wrote:
Our process up until now has been to make the changes in the copy of the schema in the sarif-sdk repo, update the code and tests to match, make sure everything works, and then copy it back to the sarif-spec repo.

We got behind and havenât finished doing that for TC #24. Michael is working on it now.

And yes, it's a matter of being super-careful to keep the schema in sync with the words in the spec. The "Schema changes" document helps by summarizing the changes (so I guess that counts as our "methodology" to the extent that we have one).


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Subject: [sarif] sarif-schema.json updates?

Larry (or others):

Is anyone working on updating the json schema file? I could really use a version that is compatible with Committee Specification Draft 02 (2.0.0-beta.2018-09-26).

I'll do it myself if necessary, but I don't want to duplicate effort.

Also, I imagine it is tricky to keep this in sync with the changes to the .docx file. Do you have any particular methodology for this? Or is it just a matter of carefully going through the changes one by one?


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