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sarif message

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Subject: Please study issue #256 to discuss at TC #26

Scott Louvau filed Issue #256, “Make Run.Files an array”. In the case of the large, real-world SARIF file that Scott studied, this change reduced the SARIF file size by 36% and reduced memory usage by 10s of MB. This isn’t as disruptive a change as it might seem.


I added this issue to the preliminary agenda for TC #26. To prepare for the discussion, please read the discussion thread in the issue. That thread does have a couple of blind alleys in it, but the most important comments are:


  1. Scott’s original description of the issue.
  2. Scott’s follow-on comment explaining how “searchability” works when you replace a dictionary with an array.
  3. My proposal at the bottom, which summarizes some lengthy offline discussions I had with Michael.




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