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Subject: [sarif] Raw chat trace from 2019-01-09

anonymous morphed into [Co-Chair] David Keaton

[Co-Chair] David Keaton: Time (short one-hour meeting this time)

09:30-10:30 PST

17:30-18:30 UTC

Meeting Chat Location


Meeting Audio and Screen Sharing


1. Opening Activities

1.1 Opening comments (Co-Chair Keaton)

1.2 Introduction of participants/roll call (Co-Chair Cartey)

1.3 Procedures for this meeting (Co-Chair Keaton)

1.4 Approval of agenda (Co-Chair Keaton)

1.5 Approval of previous minutes [Minutes of 2018-12-12 Meeting#29] (Co-Chair Keaton)

1.6 Review of action items and resolutions (Secretary Meyer)

1.7 Identification of SARIF TC voting members (Co-Chair Cartey)

1.7.1 Prospective members attending their first meeting

1.7.2 Members attaining voting rights at the end of this meeting

1.7.3 Members losing voting rights if they have not joined this meeting by the time it ends

1.7.4 Members who previously lost voting rights who are attending this meeting

1.7.5 Members who have declared a leave of absence

2. Timeline Status

2.1 Note where we are on the schedule [SARIF TC Timeline] (Co-Chair Keaton)

         - Working on CSD 2, with 34 open issues

3. Future Meetings

3.1 Future meeting schedule (Co-Chair Keaton)

Face-to-face meeting

January 24-25, Sunnyvale, hosted by Micro Focus [Logistical information]

Please let Katrina know if you will be attending.

Proposed teleconference (Wednesdays at 09:30 PST / 17:30 UTC for two hours)

February 13

4. Arrangements for January 24-25 face-to-face meeting

4.1 Logistics (Host O'Neil)

4.1.1 Location [Logistical information]

4.1.2 Attendance -- Please let the host know. In-person Remote

4.2 Agenda (Co-chair Keaton)

4.2.1 Github issues Resolution of change drafts Discussions

4.2.2 Editor input (Co-Editors Golding and Fanning)

4.2.3 Call for agenda items from others in the committee

This is the time to make sure the items most important to you will be on the face-to-face agenda, especially if they are not covered by github issues.

4.2.4 Plan for completing the document

At the face-to-face meeting, we will need to come up with a rough plan for completing the document. Note that we must resolve all noneditorial issues before the next public comment period.

5. Document Progress (Co-Editors Golding and Fanning)

5.1 Editors' report

5.2 Approval of changes

Location of change drafts:


Discuss the following items individually, then vote on them together unless someone would like to separate out an issue for individual vote.

5.2.1 "index" properties should be required [#298]

5.2.2 Change defaults for result.rank and ruleConfiguration.defaultRank to -1. [#303]

5.2.3 run.logicalLocations unique s/be 'true' [#304]

5.2.4 Specify optional property file.sourceLanguage to guide in syntax-driven colorization of snippets [#286]

5.3 Discussions

5.3.1 Add address property to a location object [#302]

5.3.2 Any other document items that need to be discussed

6. Other Business

7. Resolutions and Decisions reached (by 10 minutes prior to scheduled meeting end)

7.1 End debate of other issues by 10 minutes prior to scheduled meeting end and follow the agenda from this point (Co-Chair Keaton)

7.2 Review of Decisions Reached (Secretary Meyer)

7.3 Review of Action Items (Secretary Meyer)

8. Next Meeting

January 24-25, 2018, Sunnyvale, California [Logistical information]

9. Adjournment

anonymous morphed into David Ammons

[Co-Chair] David Keaton: Luke, do you have audio?

Luke Cartey: No, sorry

[Co-Chair] David Keaton: OK, we'll proceed because it's a short meeting.

Luke Cartey: The Skype dial-in keeps rejecting me. Can someone confirm the Conference ID?

Paul Anderson: https://meet.lync.com/microsoft/mikefan/W1ZD35K7

Luke Cartey: Yes, makes sense, don't wait for me!

Chris Meyer: Micro Focus lost OASIS membership due to company split. Katrina will be allowed to continue participation by special exception. Motion made and approved.

Chris Meyer: Agenda approved. Motion by Michael, second by Larry

Chris Meyer: Previous minutes approved

[Co-Chair] David Keaton: Luke, are there any membership changes?

Luke Cartey: Not today

Chris Meyer: David proposes next teleconference Feb 13. Motion by Michael, second by Larry.

Chris Meyer: Motion approved.

[Co-Chair] David Keaton: Thanks, Luke.

Chris Meyer: Katrina: details on in-person conference in Sunnyvale. Please let her know if you will be attending either in person or remotely

Michael C. Fanning: Larry, Paul, Henny, Michael, Larry, and Jim are definitely attending the f2f

Michael C. Fanning: Chris will attend remotely

Chris Meyer: Contact Katrina via her Micro Focus email

Chris Meyer: Michael suggests one 6 hour session each day

Chris Meyer: David calls for f2f agenda items

Michael C. Fanning: 1) showcase technologies

2) agree on clear timeline to close

3) design issue clean-up (in-person TC meeting)

4) dedicated session to open hard topic (code flows)

5) dedicated session to speculative topics (e.g., metrics, results mgmt.)

6) forward looking things (e.g., SASP)

Michael C. Fanning: proposed agenda areas

Michael C. Fanning: we intend to resolve all open design issues in next draft (CSD2)

Michael C. Fanning: no plan for a third. only editorial changes permitted after CSD2 public review

Chris Meyer: Let David know soon if you think of additional agenda items

Chris Meyer: 5. Document Progress

Chris Meyer: 5.1 Editors' report

Chris Meyer: Location of change drafts: https://github.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/tree/master/Documents/ChangeDrafts/Active

Luke Cartey: Apologies, I don't think I'm going to be able to join at all today - my Windows machine is currently broken, and the dial-in for Skype rejects me, saying "we couldn't complete the call".

Chris Meyer: Editor's report 2019-01-09: https://github.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/blob/master/EditorsReports/Editor's%20report%202019-01-09.md

Chris Meyer: 5.2.8 "index" properties should be required [#298]

Chris Meyer: 5.2.2 Change defaults for result.rank and ruleConfiguration.defaultRank to -1

Chris Meyer: 5.2.3 run.logicalLocations unique s/be 'true' [#304]

Chris Meyer: 5.2.4 Specify optional property file.sourceLanguage to guide in syntax-driven colorization of snippets [#286]

Chris Meyer: https://github.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/blob/master/Documents/ChangeDrafts/Active/sarif-v2.0-issue-286-source-language.docx

Michael C. Fanning1: the motion is to approve all agenda items with the following amendment for #198:

Michael C. Fanning1: uribase/uri and table index references must consistently refer to common notional things (like files)

Michael C. Fanning1: the editors will make sure all relevant guidance is expressed for all relevant arrays, files, rules, and logical locations

Michael C. Fanning1: excuse me, issue #298 is the amended item

Michael C. Fanning1: not #198

Chris Meyer: Motion approved with noted caveats

Chris Meyer: 5.3.1 Add address property to a location object [#302]

Chris Meyer: Paul summarizes the issue

Chris Meyer: https://github.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/issues/302

Chris Meyer: Michael opened issue #307 Provide an expanded list of languages in an appendix or other document

Chris Meyer: https://github.com/oasis-tcs/sarif-spec/issues/307

Chris Meyer: Motion to adjourn by Michael, seconded

Chris Meyer: Jim suggests topic for next meeting

Chris Meyer: David: ADJOURNED

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