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Subject: Two unrelated issues in one change draft

For practical reasons, I’m going to produce a change draft that contains two seemingly unrelated changes:


  • Issue #179: Consider whether SARIF covers plugins/rule versioning sufficiently.
  • Issue #311: Provide full metadata objects for notifications.


The reason is that both of these changes have an effect on where the rule metadata ends up:


  • Issue #311 moves the rule metadata into the tool object, but then…
  • Issue #179 breaks the tool object into a set of toolComponent objects…


… and the end result is that rule metadata ends up living in toolComponent.


Since we agreed in principle to both of these changes during the F2F, I’m not worried about wasting effort by combining the drafts, and I think it will help you to see the overall result in a single draft. I should be able to get a draft out by end of day tomorrow.




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