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Subject: Erratum in eballot proposal for Issue #321

I added the following POST-BALLOT NOTE to the eballot proposal comment for Issue #321, “Provide mechanism for inlining externalized properties data into the root log.”


Erratum: The name of the new property should be sarifLog.inlineExternalProperties, not inlineExternalPropertyFiles, and it is an array of externalProperties objects (as defined in §4.3 of the spec), not externalPropertyFile objects.


If you look at all the examples above, you'll see that they really are arrays of externalProperties objects. @kupsch's first example proposed to name the new property inlineExternalFiles, which would be ok. Later in the thread, I proposed inlineExternalProperties, as suggested here, which I prefer because it matches the name of the objects in the array.


"inlineExternalPropertyFiles", as we proposed in the ballot, is just wrong. There is an object in the spec called externalPropertyFile, but it is just a "locator" for an external file. Our new sarifLog property contains the contents of "external" files, not locators for them.


I do not expect this to change anyone’s vote. This really is essentially a typo, as you can see by looking at the examples further up the issue’s discussion thread.




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