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Subject: SARIF: next meeting, next steps

As you have seen announced earlier this week, our public comment period is now underway. Because we switched the SARIF version number from 2.0 to 2.1.0, OASIS procedure required that we have a 30-day public comment period covering the whole document, rather than the 15-day public comment period focused on the diffs from the previous one.

The public comment period essentially ends at 5pm Pacific time on July 5. There is a 7-day waiting period afterward, during which document changes cannot be discussed, so that extends to July 12.

At our previous SARIF teleconference, we decided to have our next teleconference after the end of the 7-day waiting period. Consequently, I'm calling a SARIF teleconference the following Wednesday at our usual time: Wednesday, July 17, 09:30-11:30 PDT (16:30-18:30 UTC). The purpose will be to discuss any comments received during the public comment period, to discuss any recommendations of the editors for disposition of those comments, and to vote to ask OASIS to conduct a Special Majority Vote to promote the document to the next step, Committee Specification.

There are many potential sources of uncertainty in the course of the process toward the final goal, OASIS Standard. However, if all goes well, the July 17 teleconference will be the last one we need for SARIF v2.1.0. If things go as expected, the rest of the process after that can be conducted by e-mail and e-ballots.


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