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Subject: Re: [sarif] Recruiting to the TC


Thanks for your recruiting efforts. It is OK to invite them to listen in, though it needs to be clear that OASIS policy says they cannot speak during a meeting if they are not members. If they plan to listen in, please let me know.

However, I suspect most people who have an interest would prefer to join rather than just listen. They can join OASIS and sign up for membership in the SARIF TC through the link below. If they have any trouble, please have them contact me and I will make sure everything gets put in order. It is fine to give out my e-mail address.


Some new people may be in companies that are already OASIS members, and in that case, I can help them find the person to contact within their company.


On 5/19/21 11:12 AM, Paul Anderson wrote:
I’ve reached out to a few folks. What’s the right protocol for when someone expresses interest?



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