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Subject: Re: [sca-assembly] Issue 123

If the type is xsd:string with mixed='true' then the following will not 
be valid:


The <value> element is meant to allow "inlining" of simple type values 
as well as elements whose type is complex. A true 'mixed' type isn't 
what we want to allow but instead allow either inlined text (such as a 
string, int etc) or element(s) but not both. I.e. the following won't be 
allowed (by SCA not by schema):

   This is some value <ele>another value</ele>

I know the current schema allows this, but I don't of a way to design 
the schema to prevent it.


ashok malhotra wrote:
> The XML Schema primer http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-0/
> has an example of how to define an element that can contain mixed content.
> This is exactly the same as Mike Edwards' suggestion except that the 
> sequence is
> typed as xsd:string rather than xsd:any.
> I suspect Mike used ##any to allow simple data values but that not helpful.
> because you don't know what the simple types are and cannot validate them.
> Thus 5.0 will look like a string in any case.  The simple types will be 
> validated
> in the specific context where they are used.
> Thus, unless Mike has other reasons to prefer ##any, xsd:string seems 
> simpler and equally effective.

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