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Subject: Re: [sca-assembly] Eventing spec

Good suggestion.  I would find this very useful.  I am able to make
the earlier start for this call, and I agree that it would be good
to have 90 minutes so that the subject can be covered fully.


ashok malhotra wrote:
> Now that the Eventing spec has been submitted to OASIS,  I thought it 
> may be a good idea to schedule a
> discussion of the spec to bring folks who did not participate in the 
> development of the spec up to speed.
> So, I think a presentation of the spec followed by Q&A may be a good idea.
> To give folks time to read and mull over the spec, i suggest we do it in 
> a couple of weeks, say on the May 26 call.
> Since this is a meaty subject perhaps we could go back to the 90 minute 
> schedule for that day.

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