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Subject: NEW ISSUE: Align TA Document with latest Draft Spec

     after discussion in the Testing subcommittee it was suggested we raise
an issue in the main TC regarding bringing the Test Assertions document into
alignment with the latest version of the specification.

The current TA document is based on the PR specification, but as issues are
resolved the specification and TA's will get more out of sync. We already
have CD03 rev 1 that has  some changes and there are additional/changed
normative statements.

We also need a new revision of the TA document before we can update the rest
of the test suite.

The TC should ask the subcommittee to produce a revised version of the TA

The version of the specification to be used and if and how the TA's should
be kept in sync with it is open for discussion.

Best Regards,

Eric Wells.
Consulting Engineer.
Hitachi Computer Products (America) Inc.
San Francisco, CA. USA.
+1 (415) 656-4346

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