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Subject: Draft minutes of 2009-07-14 are attached

Title: SCA-Assy - 2009-07-14




14 JUL 2009



Mark Combellack Avaya, Inc. Group Member
Eric Wells Hitachi, Ltd. Group Member
Bryan Aupperle IBM Group Member
Michael Beisiegel IBM Group Member
David Booz IBM Group Member
Vamsavardhana Reddy Chillakuru IBM Group Member
Mike Edwards IBM Group Member
Simon Holdsworth IBM Group Member
Dieter Koenig IBM Group Member
Jeff Estefan Jet Propulsion Laboratory:* Group Member
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation Group Member
Anish Karmarkar Oracle Corporation Group Member
Rich Levinson Oracle Corporation Group Member
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation Group Member
Gilbert Pilz Oracle Corporation Group Member
Sanjay Patil SAP AG* Group Member
Plamen Pavlov SAP AG* Group Member
Najeeb Andrabi TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member
Murty Gurajada TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member
Sabin Ielceanu TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member
Danny van der Rijn TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member
Scott Vorthmann TIBCO Software Inc. Group Member


Martin Chapman
Mike Edwards


Eric Wells


1. Opening

Roll call
Scribe confirmation
Agenda bashing

2. Approval of minutes of SCA-Assembly TC meeting of 30th June 2009

Mike Edwards comment: I believe that these minutes need revising. There was a Motion to resolve Issue 137 that was approved in this meeting,
but the recording of the motion is incorrectly placed and the recording of the passing of the motion is missing. The minutes need to be updated
to reflect the resolution.

The action item against Mike Edwards to raise an issue against Section 12 (requirement of SCA Runtime to raise an error) is also not recorded.

3. Action Items:

id=2009-07-07-1 status=pending owner="Chairs" Determine if 2/3 rule was suspended for PR or repealed
id=2009-07-07-2 status=done owner="Mike Edwards" Raise an issue against Section 12 to cover the need for an SCA runtime to raise an error
when there is a fault in a document contributed to the Domain, or in the resulting configuration of the Domain.

4. TC Administrivia

a) 1st Public Review of the Assembly Model spec ended June 23

Public comments list:

b) Looking for Proposals for all open issues - see Item 8 of this agenda

5. Test Assertions and TestCases

Public Review draft has been voted and sent to TC Administration for external posting.
Awaiting response from TC Administration.

6. Existing Issues with Proposals

ASSEMBLY 121: Conformance to OPTIONAL Normative Statements

Latest proposals:

ASSEMBLY 134: Promoted component reference changes multiplicity by default

Proposal is in the JIRA.

ASSEMBLY 136: Promoting a reference with multiplicity 1..n and targets should default to 0..n

Proposal is in the JIRA

ASSEMBLY-153: Two schema issues with SCA Assembly CD03-Rev1

Proposal is in the JIRA

ASSEMBLY 80: Create an Event Processing Model for SCA

Directional proposal is in this email:

ASSEMBLY 144: ASM50030 and ASM50031 (CD03) are duplicates

Proposal is in JIRA

ASSEMBLY 147: Assembly Specification does not define the Component Type of a Composite used as an Implementation

Proposal is in JIRA

7. New Issues

ASSEMBLY 159: Align Test Assertion Document with latest Draft Assembly Spec

ASSEMBLY 160: Section 12 does not require an SCA Runtime to raise an error in all error situations

8. Existing Issues without proposals

ASSEMBLY-132: Microsoft technical comment about the SCA Assembly Model specification #1

ASSEMBLY-149: Few comments from Siemens

ASSEMBLY 138: Assembly specification unclear on Contribution vs Deployment - when can errors in artifacts be reported?

ASSEMBLY 139: What is a constrainingType file supposed to look like?

ASSEMBLY 140: Need TAs and testcases for property/@file and property/@many=true

ASSEMBLY 142: Need a normative statement for @autowire inheritance

ASSEMBLY 143: There are no conformance statements in section 8.5 (CD03)

ASSEMBLY 145: Unmarked MUST on line 1030 (CD03)

ASSEMBLY-150: Some TestCases can only be implemented using specific implementation Languages

ASSEMBLY-155: Namespace problems in C/C++ .componentType files

ASSEMBLY-156: Spec is unclear if callback binding names need to be distinct from forward binding names

ASSEMBLY-157: Make support for constrainingType an optional compliance point

ASSEMBLY 158: Composite property example contradicts spec definition

8. AOB


[1]  Opening
[2]  Action Items
[3]  Administrivia
[4]  PR Comments
[5]  2/3 Rule for Issues
[6]  Other Admin
[7]  Test Assertions & Test Cases
[8]  Existing Issues
[9]  ASSEMBLY-121
[10]  AOB
Table of Resolutions
Table of Action Items

Action Items

id=2009-07-07-1 status=done owner="Chairs" Determine if 2/3 rule was suspended for PR or repealed
id=2009-07-07-2 status=done owner="Mike Edwards" Raise an issue against Section 12



<Mike Edwards>
Greetings, folks

Scribe: Eric Wells


<Martin C>
Bob Freund on LOA
Roll 18/24 - Quorate
Agenda - as posted
Minutes of 7-Jul-09
Resolution of ASSEMBLY-137 not recorded
Open/Closed issues note recorded
AI for MikeE to raise item against Section 12 not recorded
Minutes need to be updated before approval

Action Items

Action: id=2009-07-07-1 status=done owner="Chairs" Determine if 2/3 rule was suspended for PR or repealed
See Administrivia
Action: id=2009-07-07-2 status=done owner="Mike Edwards" Raise an issue against Section 12


PR Comments

Still need to respond to some proposals and resolve issues
<Martin C>

2/3 Rule for Issues

We should really rescind suspension of 2/3 rule for new issues.
Motion: Return to "standard" 2/3 rule for opening new specification issues m=MartinC s=DaveB
No discussion - No objections
Resolution: Return to "standard" 2/3 rule for opening new specification issues

Other Admin

Bob Freund on LOA

Test Assertions & Test Cases

OASIS admin has problem with generated Java namespaces
working with OASIS Admin to resolve - Test Suite still not published
Has also produced snapshot of subversion repository to allow changes without affection PR of Test Suite

Existing Issues


Latest proposal
ASSEMBLY 121: Conformance to OPTIONAL Normative Statements
<Dave Booz>
<Mike Edwards>
...is the current proposal for Issue 121
<Mike Edwards>
The document is: sca-assembly-1.1-cd03+ASSEMBLY121-Rev2.doc
Made changes as discussed previously - split Conformance items tables into Mandatory and "Optional" Appdx C
Simplified number of discretionary categroies
How to handle MUST use one of following options
Discussion of how would be represented - OK
<Dave Booz>
ASM12029 currently Enhancement, but should beInteroperation
Remove "Sepcification" categroy bullet
There should be RFC2119 "SHOULD" in 13.2.1 to implement all item from particular categroy
Don't think this would work.
Discussion of pross & cons
i think if we want to create categories, we might want to do that based on things like what makes things more interop or more portable -- the way i look at it is: this is creating a profile (in a sense)
Agrees with Anish - some statements might not work together
...seems wrong to FORCE implementors to impliment everything in a categroy.
Motion: Resolve ASSEMBLY-121 with proposal with follwoing changes m=AnishK s=MartinC
Changes - Remove "Specifiction" bullet in 13.2.1
- Change ASM12029 classification to Interoperation
Remove last paragraph of 13.2.1
<Mike Edwards>
Change - remove the final paragraph of 13.2.1
<Martin C>
change: can be implemented SCA Runtimes
<Martin C>
to: MAY be implemented by an SCA Runtime
<Mike Edwards>
Amendment proposed by Martin, seconded by Anish: Change 1st sentence of 13.2.1 from "can be implemented SCA Runtimes" to "MAY be implemented by an SCA Runtime"
I don't think we can add a "MAY" to statements the include "SHOULD" - weakens/strenthens actual normative statements
Object to ammendment
<Martin C>
3 yes 5 no 10 abs
amendment fails
No further discussion of main motion
No objections
Resolution: ASSEMBLY-121 resolved with proposal as described in these minutes
<Mike Edwards>
Thank you for scribing, Eric
<Mike Edwards>
not easy when you have a major issue proposal to deal with at the same time
The problem is is wasn't a major issue until today!


Straggler role - Vamsi & Anish
Issue log 26 Open intially - 0 New issues - 1 Resolved

[End of Minutes]
Formatted on 2009-07-20 at 09:33:36 GMT-4

Minutes formatted by Schreiber, a collection of XSLT stylesheets by Bob Freund modeled after David Booth's scribe

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