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Subject: NEW ISSUE: What are the requirements on an SCA Binding for eventingpurposes?

Target: SCA Assembly 1.2 WD 01

Title: Need to define the requirements on an SCA Binding, particularly for eventing purposes.


With the 1.1 specifications we found that to satisfy some public comments that we should produce a document describing what it meant to be a conforming implementation type.  This stemmed from the available choices defined by the various SCA committees - Java, BPEL, C++ not necessarily being the desired target for some implementers of SCA.  To that end, we introduced a document describing the requirements on an implementation type.

With the introduction of eventing into SCA 1.2, there are no clear cut, obvious choices for a "transport"-of-choice to be defined by the SCA bindings TC.  While the JMS binding certainly can and will support SCA events, JMS ties itself to Java, which makes JMS a poor choice for what is supposed to be a platform independent standard.

To that end, it makes sense to let conforming implementations exist by defining what a conforming binding type does, at least with respect to eventing.


Create a new specification document that describes what an SCA binding must be/do, and how it must be defined.

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