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Subject: NEW ISSUE: (1.2) Names of channels should allow "/", should be declaredas URIs....

Title: Names of channels should allow "/" character, and should be 
declared as URIs....

Target: Assembly 1.2 WD 03


As declared in section 5.7, the name of a channel is defined as an 
NCName.  However, NCNames do not allow for "/".

All references to channels use the type "xs:anyURI", but ironically, we 
don't allow for "/" in the names of channels.  Further, there's 
potentially a discrepancy between a URI and NCNames. To be consistent, 
we should use xs:anyURI for both the definition & the references.

While this capability may not add much for private/local channels, for 
the purposes of global domain channels, this facilitates a natural 
hierarchy of global domain channels following the well-accepted practice 
of using "/" to indicate hierarchy.


Change the type of the "@name" attribute on channel to be of type 
xs:anyURI. Note the caveat that this must conform to the "path-rootless" 
production from part 3.3 of RFC 3986.  In other words, it cannot start 
with a scheme, nor a "/".


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