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Subject: SCA Assembly 1.2 CSD?

We have had a 1.2 working draft for > year. We have been treating the WD 
as if it were a CD/CSD for quite a while, filing issues against it and 
fixing it. We now also have a WD03 [1] that is in sync with all the 
resolved issues and with v1.1.

As some have said in the past, a working draft is just a figment of 
editor's imagination. I would like to suggest that we make WD03 as our 
CSD01 (we don't necessarily have to do a PR for this -- that is a 
separate decision). This would sync the spec status with how we have 
been dealing with it wrt our established process. In the past that is 
how we have dealt with submissions. Submissions become CDs, we file and 
resolve issues against the CDs and rev it till we are happy with the result.

Note that this would not change how we operate wrt 1.2 including the bar 
for raising new issues -- simple majority for raising issues.

I would like to seek comments on this as well as put this on the agenda 
for discussion.




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