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Subject: Raw minutes for 10 July

Bryan Aupperle, Ph.D.
STSM, WebSphere Enterprise Platform Software Solution Architect
Master Inventor

Research Triangle Park,  NC
+1 919-254-7508 (T/L 444-7508)
Internet Address: aupperle@us.ibm.com
[12:01] Simon Holdsworth: Audio conference: 

Meeting Number: * 913929 * (press * before and after the digits) 

Phone numbers: 

Austria = Vienna 026822056419 
Belgium = Brussels 022901709 
China Toll Free = China North 108007121722, China South 108001201722 
Denmark = Copenhagen 32714982 
France = Paris 0170994364, Lyon 0426840196, Marseilles 0488915310 
Germany = Berlin 030726167296, Frankfurt 069710445413, Hamburg 040809020620, Munich 089244432767, Stuttgart 0711490813212, Dusseldorf 021154073845 
India Toll Free = 0008001006703 
Ireland = Dublin 014367612 
Italy = Milan 0230413007, Rome 06452108288, Turin 01121792100 
Japan = Tokyo 0357675037 
Netherlands = Amsterdam 0207965349 
Portugal = Lisbon 211200415 
Russia Toll Free = 81080022074011 
Spain = Barcelona: 934923140, Madrid: 917889793 
Sweden = Stockholm 0850520404 
Switzerland = Geneva 0225927186 
UK Toll Free = 08003581667 
UK Toll = London 02071542988, Manchester 01612500379, Birmingham 01212604587 
USA Toll Free = 18665289390 
USA Toll = 19543344789
[12:01] Simon Holdsworth: Agenda:
[12:01] Simon Holdsworth: 1. Opening 

Roll call 
Scribe assignment 

Top 10 on the scribe list (full list below): 
Tom Rutt Fujitsu Limited 
David Booz IBM 
Bryan Aupperle IBM 
Laurent Domenech TIBCO Software Inc. 
Simon Nash IBM 
Michael Beisiegel IBM 
Martin Chapman Oracle Corporation 
Sanjay Patil SAP AG 
Ashok Malhotra Oracle Corporation 
Eric Johnson TIBCO Software Inc. 

Agenda bashing 

2. Approval of minutes of SCA-Binding TC meeting of 26th June 


3. Actions 

20080304-3 [Simon Nash] Submit an updated proposal for resolution of issue 2. 
Need to wait for Java issue 25 to be resolved. 
20080304-9 [Editors] Update specs for outcome of ASSEMBLY-55. 
20080304-10 [Editors] Add sentence to specs: "Any SCA runtime that claims to support this binding must abide by the requirements of this specification" (done for JMS binding spec and WS binding spec) 
20080424-1 [Editors] Action: editors to incorporate editorial issue from Erics email into the specs: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200804/msg00008.html 
20080501-3 [Editors] Apply changes required by Latest/This Version URI for Schema/WSDL file to bindings specifications 
as defined by: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200804/msg00050.html 
20080626-1 [Eric Johnson] Clarify review comment from JMS binding p.8 line 110 and p.10 line 169 
20080626-2 [Anish Karmarkar] Produce some words describing the recommended relationship between SCA services/bindings and WSDL services/ports. (note: not recorded in chat room transcript). 

5. Face to Face agenda 

Thursday 17th: 

Friday 18th: 

6. New Issues 


7. Open Issue Discussion 

Open issues with proposed resolutions: 

"Formal" WSDL generation is unclear, ambiguous, and incomplete 
Raiser: Eric Johnson, owner: Eric Johnson, Anish Karmarkar 
Status: Updated proposed resolution: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200807/msg00004.html 

Open issues with identified resolution owner: 

How should SCA callback semantics be carried over Web Services? 
Raiser: Simon Nash, owner: Simon Nash 
Status: Waiting for clarification around conversations at the assembly level (action item 20080304-3) 

JMS binding URI should follow JMS IRI scheme submitted to IETF 
Raiser: Simon Holdsworth, owner: Simon Holdworth 
Status: Specific resolution text required 
Notes: The new draft is now at: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-merrick-jms-uri-03.txt 
(and the metadata about the submission - https://datatracker.ietf.org/drafts/draft-merrick-jms-uri/) 

Support for callback and conversation ID-s in bindings 
Raiser: Peter Peshev, owner Peter Peshev 
Status: Proposed resolution in issue 
Notes: As for BINDINGS-2, this is waiting for clarification around conversations at the assembly level 

What is a "plain name" for a connection factories or activation specs, and how is one distinguished from a JNDI name? 
Raiser: Eric Johnson, owner: Simon Holdsworth 
Status: Specific resolution text required 

Correlation property names are odd, and the space of options is not extensible 
Raiser: Eric Johnson, owner: Simon Holdsworth 
Status: Specific resolution text required 

Allow topics anywhere that queues can be used 
Raiser: Eric Johnson, owner: Simon Holdsworth 
Status: Specific resolution text required 

Open issues with no identified resolution owner: 

JMS bindingType and ordered intent - clarification needed 
Raiser: Peter Peshev 
Status: resolution required 

Bindings specifications should provide exemplary Implementations for Callbacks and Conversations 
Raiser: Mike Edwards 
Status: No proposed resolution 
Notes: As for BINDINGS-2, this is waiting for clarification around conversations at the assembly level 

@wsdlElement definition needs clarification on "equivalent" and use of WSDL 2.0 constructs 
Raiser: Eric Johnson 
Status: Specific resolution text required 

Which wire did a message arrive on? 
Raiser: Sanjay Patil 
Status: No proposed resolution 

Is it required that every implementation of binding.ws support the soap intent? 
Raiser: Anish Karmarkar 
Status: No current proposal. Latest email: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200807/msg00006.html 

Identifying data binding and operation selection 
Raiser: Mike Rowley 
Status: Specific resolution text and scope required 

Specifying JNDI context URI 
Raiser: Piotr Przybylski 
Status: No current proposal 

Properties on Bindings 
Raiser: Piotr Przybylski 
Status: No current proposal 

8. AOB 
[12:06] Bryan Aupperle: Scribe: Bryan Aupperle
[12:07] Bryan Aupperle: Agenda Review - No changes
[12:08] Bryan Aupperle: Approval of minutes of last meeting - no comments.  Approved w/o
[12:08] Bryan Aupperle: Action Items:
[12:09] Bryan Aupperle: 20080304-3: still under debate in Java TC
[12:10] Bryan Aupperle: 20080424-1 e-mail posted awaiting final agreement
[12:11] Eric Johnson: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200806/msg00042.html
[12:11] Bryan Aupperle: 20080626-1 done
[12:11] Bryan Aupperle: Eric's link is for this AI.
[12:12] Bryan Aupperle: s/done/await final agreement/
[12:13] Bryan Aupperle: 20080626-2 e-mail sent
[12:14] Eric Johnson: Anish's action item - his email: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200807/msg00005.html
[12:14] Bryan Aupperle: Relates to issue 11 - e-mail provides some background. AI is complete.
[12:14] Bryan Aupperle: F2F agenda:
[12:15] Bryan Aupperle: Draft is in calendar entries
[12:17] anish i'll have to leave early. Around 4pm on friday
[12:19] Bryan Aupperle: Some discussion about end time on Friday due to flights.
[12:20] Bryan Aupperle: Friday start will be moved up 30 min.
[12:22] Bryan Aupperle: What about JCA issues?  All open issues are on the agenda.
[12:24] Bryan Aupperle: Overall schedule needs to be discussed - will cover as part of CD discussion.
[12:25] Bryan Aupperle: Chair to put a rough schedule in place for which issues to cover on which calls.
[12:26] Bryan Aupperle: JCA will be explicitly included.
[12:26] Bryan Aupperle: Issue 11:
[12:26] Bryan Aupperle: Updatd proposal: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200807/msg00004.html
[12:32] Bryan Aupperle: Discussion of the first SHOULD in section 4.2 of the proposal.
[12:41] Bryan Aupperle: Consensus is to change SHOULD to MUST and first clause should be targeted explicitly to bare <binding.ws>.
[12:46] Bryan Aupperle: Discussion of SOAP1.1 vs SOAP 1.2
[12:57] Bryan Aupperle: An intent on a service or reference logically adorns an otherwise bare <binding.ws>
[12:58] Bryan Aupperle: Overall scope of 4.2 needs to be clarified with respect to intents.

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