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Subject: CamelCase convention recommendation from OpenCSA liaison committee

It was noticed in the SCA-Policy TC that intents defined in various SCA 
spec do not follow any particular convention. That TC decided to fix it 
for the policy specs by adopting the convention of using camelCase with 
its 1st letter lower case unless the word was an acronym (such as SOAP 
or JMS). They then asked the liaison committee to make this 
recommendation to the rest of the OpenCSA TCs.

The Liaison subcommittee on its call today decided the following:

LSC recommends that all the TC's adopt the Policy TC recommendation that 
intents use camelCase (first letter lowercase) except for acronyms which 
would be all upper case.


LSC recommends adding some text to the "conventions" section of the 
specs which describes the naming conventions:
  e.g. intents as above, type names are CamelCase, element names are 
camelCase, attributes are @camelCase are preceded by an "@" sign, etc.


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