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Subject: Re: [sca-bindings] [Issue 2] Inlined proposal v5

Here are my comments on this version:

  1. In section 5.1, first paragraph, change "see the Appendix E"
     to "see Appendix E".

  2. In the text for BWS50005, remove ", as specified in BWS50003"
     from the end of the sentence.  Reason: There is no longer a
     conformance statement BWS50003.

  3. Change the title of section 5.2 to "SCA Web Services Callback
     Protocol with WS-MakeConnection".  Reason: This section is no longer
     defining an additional protocol.  It is explaining how the protocol
     already defined in section 5.1 ("SCA Web Services Callback Protocol")
     can be composed with the WS-MakeConnection specification.

  4. In section 5.3, second sentence, change "...requirements for
     implementing SCA Web Services Callback Protocol (see SCA Web Services
     Callback Protocol), ..." to "...requirements for implementing SCA Web
     Services Callback Protocol, ...".  Reason: The parenthetical clause
     is repetitious and conveys no useful information.

  5. In section 5.3.1, last sentence, change "requirements on forward
     request message" to "requirements on the forward request message".

  6. In section 5.3.2, last sentence, change "specifies that WSCallback
     protocol is used" to "specifies that SCA Web Services Callback
     Protocol is used".

  7. In section 6.2, replace numbered item 3 by the following:
      3. The implementation MAY support the SCA Web Services Callback Protocol
         in conjunction with WS-MakeConnection. If it does, it MUST comply with
         all statements in Appendix B: Conformance Items for the SCA Web Services
         Callback Protocol and it MUST comply with the requirements of
     Reason: See comment 3 above.


Anish Karmarkar wrote:
> Attached.
> This proposal consists of taking the inlined proposal v4 produced by 
> MikeE [1] and applying it to CD02 rev4. On top of that I have made the 
> following changes (based on the last call where we discussed v4):
> 1) Included a pointer to the appendix examples from section 5.2
> 2) Missing 2119 statement tags are added.
> 3) Fixed cross-references and 2119 stmt highlighing.
> 4) Deleted all the MAY statements that were unnecessary.
> 5) Replaced lowercase 2119 keywords with appropriate non-keyword 
> substitutes
> 6) Made the protocol composable with WS-MC without introducing 
> additional conformance points.
> -Anish
> -- 
> [1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bindings/200905/msg00098.html
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