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Subject: [sca-bindings] NEW ISSUE: What is the purpose of definitions/bindingelement (for JMS binding)?

Title: What is the purpose of definitions/binding element (for JMS binding)?

Target: JMS binding (and Assembly+Policy specs)


(This is the JMS equivalent of issue 107)

The definitions infoset allows <bindingType> and <binding> child
elements. It is quite easy to see how/why <bindingType> is used for. It
points to the binding type (eg binding.ws) and specified which intents
are always provided or can be provided.

But it is not clear what the definitions/binding element would be used
for. In a composite/CT it is used to declare a binding instance that can
contain a specific URL for the binding, policySets, etc. Neither the
policy or the assembly spec explains what this element means when it
occurs under definitions. AIUI (thanks Dave!), JMS binding uses it to
specify common configuration information which is then referenced from a
binding.jms instance. This, seems like a fine thing to do conceptually,
but an unrestricted definitions/binding element should not be allowed.
IOW, one should not be allowed to configure a definitions/binding.jms
that contains a 'uri' attribute. Furthermore, you can't have, say,
definitions/binding.ws, since it would be meaningless and very confusing.

I would like to point out that we have a similar requirement for
properties and we use a 'file' attribute on component/property to
satisfy that requirement. If this need is specific to JMS then I would
suggest that the JMS binding should deal with this and not the
policy/assembly specs.

Should resolve it in a manner similar to issue 107



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