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Subject: Minutes of the SCA BPEL f2f (2007-09-20)


Title: SCA-BPEL F2F meeting minutes:

SCA-BPEL F2F meeting minutes

Date Sep 20, 2007





Scribe: Khanderao Khand







Michael Pellegrini

Active Endpoints, Inc.

Group Member

fred carter


Group Member

Michael Rowley

BEA Systems, Inc.

Group Member

Jacques Durand

Fujitsu Limited*

Group Member

Dieter Koenig


Group Member

Martin Chapman

Oracle Corporation

Group Member

Khanderao Kand

Oracle Corporation

Group Member

Anish Karmarkar

Oracle Corporation

Group Member

Jason Kinner

Oracle Corporation

Group Member

Ashok Malhotra

Oracle Corporation

Group Member

Jeff Mischkinsky

Oracle Corporation

Group Member

Sanjay Patil


Group Member

Ivana Trickovic


Group Member

Monica Martin

Sun Microsystems

Group Member

Pete Wenzel

Sun Microsystems

Group Member

Najeeb Andrabi

TIBCO Software Inc.

Group Member

Danny van der Rijn

TIBCO Software Inc.

Group Member




Members introduced themselves.


Approval of minutes from inaugural concall

Located at http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200709/msg00008.html


Motion to not have a motion "is to not require formal motion for approval of meetings"...no objections...Moved by Michael, seconded by Dieter


Resolution: no formal motion for approval of minutes will be required.


Meetings of the first meeting approved without objections


Role Assignments

Anish (co-chair) explained Roles (spec editors, issues editor, secretary, permanent minute takes) and asked for volunteers to be a secretary or permanent minutes takers. No volunteers. Hence, rotating list for minute taker.


Resolution: rotating list of minute takers.


Editors (volunteered and approved): Martin Chapman, Dieter Koenig, Mike Rowley, Alex Yiu, Ivana Trickovic, and Najeeb Andrabi


Michael floated: TC members and editors should be appropriately mentioned on the specification. Also list of editors can be revisited based on the active participation



Issues: Martin Chapman presented a state diagram and a procedure for managing issues.

Issues process presentation located at http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-bpel/email/archives/200709/msg00022.html


Dieter asked whether any special voting needed


Dieter mentioned that in BPEL TC bar was raised in the later stage. Martin agreed that we can revisit the majority / voting related decision later whenever needed.


A motion moved by Martin Chapman and seconded by Dieter Koenig: Motion states: TC accepts a standing rule that to reopen an issue that has been closed a web vote will be conducted by the TC chairs with a Special Majority required to pass.

Vote for the motion: 8+1=9

Against the motion: 1+1 = 2

Motion passed


Resolution: new standing rule adopted wrt reopening of isues.


A motion moved by Dieter Koenig and seconded by Peter Wenzel to follow the issues process as presented by Martin in http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-bpel/email/archives/200709/msg00022.html


Motion passes.


Issues Editor: Alex Yiu volunteered

Testing and compliance:

Motion: Martin moved a motion and seconded by Jacques: Motion: to form a subcommittee to look at testing and compliance

Any one is not interested in joining discussions about testing and compliance? None

No one favored to form the subcommittee.

Motion failed. No one favored.


Anish and Dieter volunteered to work on testing and compliance aspects.


Plan to format contributed specs using OASIS template.

The OASIS TC Process

Anish presented the OASIS TC specification process as explained in


Martin moved a motion: TC to accept the contribution submitted to this TC

(http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/sca-bpel/download.php/25346/SCA_ClientAndImplementationModelforBPEL_V100.pdf) and direct editors to apply an OASIS template to create the first working draft to the TC


Seconded by Michael Rowley

Passed without any opposition.


Review of the contributed material:

Dieter Koenig presented the document.


Action Items:

        Chairs: to check with the SCA Steering committee to decide the version number of the specifications under standardization.


        Editors: Refer to assembly and policy. Also, to add participants (TC) members list and the OSOA contributors list in the Acknowledgement (page 16) section


        Editors: Reference Section 1 (Page 2): Addition to reference element there should be a service element


        Editors: Update the syntax of Component in the same introduction section


        Chairs: Recommended update the steering committee about the amended motion about RFC2119


        Danny would raise an issue based on discussion on section 2.4 related to Determinism of partnerlink to reference algorithm and Determinism of same algorithm to local partnerLinks



Motion: Keywords and terminologies (as given in section: Terminology (section 1.1.)) should be interpreted as use RFC2119. Motion by Martin, Seconded by Dieter.

  • Amendment from Danny Van Der Rijn: Disallow to use lower case for keywords and terminologies. Seconded by Martin. Amendment Passed unanimously
  • Amendment: While RFC2119 permits the use of synonyms, to achieve consistency across specifications it is recommended that MUST be is used instead of SHALL, and MUST NOT instead of SHALL NOT.

         Martin Chapman. Seconded by Khanderao.


  • Amended motion: Approved unanimously


Dieter motion: In the acknowledgement section, acknowledge all the TC members throughout the lifetime of the specification and also those who are not in the TC but contributed to the same document in OSOA.

Seconded by Jeff

Approved unanimously

Conference calls and their Sponsorship:

Future calls as scheduled on Thursdays Time: 08:00am - 09:00am PT

Oracle Corp. would sponsor the telecons. The callin details will be the same as that of the f2f callin.


  • Next call would be on coming Thursdays Time: 08:00am - 09:00am PT


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