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Subject: Formatted minutes of 2007-11-15


I used the W3C's scribe.pl script to generate the HTML minutes. Bit of a 
pain to edit the log file to conform to what scribe.pl expects, but 
otherwise works ok. Let me know if this format is acceptable.

Title: OASIS SCA BPEL TC Teleconference



OASIS SCA BPEL TC Teleconference

15 Nov 2007



Mark Ford, Michael Pellegrini, Charlton Barreto, Michael Rowley, Mike Edwards, Dieter Koenig, Simon Moser, Martin Chapman, Anish Karmarkar, Ashok Malhotra, Jeff Mischkinsky, Alex Yiu, Sanjay Patil, Najeeb Andrabi, Danny van der Rijn
Sanjay Pail
Simon Moser


<anish> Scribe: Simon Moser

<anish> ScribeNick: SimonMoser

<anish> Date: 15 Nov 2007

Agenda bashing

There are no objections to accept the agenda

Previous meeting minutes approval

Objections to approve the minutes ? no objections, minutes are approved

AI review

Action Item review starts. AI 115 by Michael Rowley on issue 11(http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-11 )

no AI prep, no discussion on issue

Next F2F meeting

Michael Rowley is in favor of the F2F at Santa Clara

General mind set of the TC is currently that it is a good idea to have a F2F at that location at that time

New issues

no new issues have been submitted

continue with agenda item 8 - issue discussion

issue 11

First issue for discussion is #11, there is a pending AI, therefore it is postponed

The Group at the F2F in Hursley has to leave. The TC has no longer quorum.

<charlton> who is on the call now?

TC decides that it makes no sense to continue with the meeting

next meeting is nov 29

<charlton> not enough people per Sanjay - adjourn until Nov 29

<charlton> sanjay, i wanted to make certain you had me on the roll

<AlexYiu> see you guys after thanksgiving

<Sanjay> charlton, i added you to the roll

Summary of Action Items

[End of minutes]

Minutes formatted by David Booth's scribe.perl version 1.128 (CVS log)
$Date: 2007/02/23 21:38:13 $

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