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sca-bpel message

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Subject: Raw minutes of 2007-11-29 telecon

Room information was updated by: charlton


Meeting ID: 877770
Meeting password: SCABPEL (7222735)

Web-conf: http://webconf.soaphub.org/conf/room/sca-bpel-TC

Acrobat connect room URL: http://my.adobe.acrobat.com/scabpel/

charlton: roll call

anish: Agenda: 

charlton: meeting is not quorate

charlton: only 7 of 14 voting members are present

Ashok Malhotra1: TC is not quorate but we will continue discussion in 
hope more people join.

charlton: decided that will carry on in hope more people join

anish: Scribe: Ashok Malhotra

Ashok Malhotra1: Agenda bashing -- no changes to agenda.

anish: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200711/msg00053.html

Ashok Malhotra1: Minutes from last week's meeting

Ashok Malhotra1: URL posted by Anish above

anish: Topic: approval of minutes from 11/15

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish: is this format acceptable?

Ashok Malhotra1: Alex joins ... we are now quorate

charlton: anish, i attended 11/08 and 11/15, so i should be a voting 
member as of today

charlton: do we have finished minutes from 11/08

Ashok Malhotra1: If charlton attended on 11/8 on 11/15 he should be a 
voting member now

Ashok Malhotra1: Sanjay will check offline

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish:  This TC decided to meet at OASIS symposium. 
Partly becuase other sister TCs will meet then

Ashok Malhotra1: But now Assembly and Policy are meeting f2f in January 
and not at the Symposium

Dieter Koenig: F2F - SCA-Assembly Jan 22/23 - SCA-Policy Jan 24/25

Ashok Malhotra1: Does that change our decision

Ashok Malhotra1: Dieter can we meet in parallel with Policy?

Ashok Malhotra1: Some people want to attend both so that's a problem

Sanjay: Charlton, the records indicate that you were not present on the 
11/8 conf-call

charlton: that's unfortunate since i attended.

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish: do we still want to meet at the symposium?

Ashok Malhotra1: Agreed to meet at OASIS Symposium Apr 28 ->

Ashok Malhotra1: Telcon schedule

Ashok Malhotra1: Shd we have a call on 12/27?  Shall we cancel?

charlton: we should cancel the 12/27 call

Ashok Malhotra1: Decided to cancel 12/27 call

Ashok Malhotra1: What about 1/3, 1/20

charlton: suspect no attendance 1/3

charlton: expect attendance 12/20

Ashok Malhotra1: Cancel call on 1/3.  Regular call 1/10

Ashok Malhotra1: DECISION: Cancel 12/27, 1/3 calls

Ashok Malhotra1: Decide on 12/13 if we need a call on 12/20

Ashok Malhotra1: No New Issues

Ashok Malhotra1: Agenda 8a -- Issue 11 -- Mark Ford's issue -- mail from 
Mike Rowley

Ashok Malhotra1: Neither Mark or Mike are here so postpone.

Ashok Malhotra1: 8c.  Najeeb's issue.  Issue is not on the call

anish: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200711/msg00051.html

Ashok Malhotra1: Sorry ... Najeeb is not on the call

anish: Topic: Issue 3

Ashok Malhotra1: Alex discusses issue

Ashok Malhotra1: Alex will send updated proposal later today

Ashok Malhotra1: Issue 13

anish: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-13

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish: This is a cut and paste error

charlton: +1 to Dieter

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish: Straightforward typo we need to fix.

charlton: (thanks Ashok)

Ashok Malhotra1: Deiter moves, Ashok seconds

Ashok Malhotra1: Agreed to fix typo with no objection

charlton: i can get it in

Ashok Malhotra1: Dieter volunteers to fix

Ashok Malhotra1: Issue 2

anish: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200711/msg00003.html

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish:  Mike Edwards and Mike Rowley sent mail on this. 
  They are not on the call.

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish: Let's postpone

Ashok Malhotra1: Issue 12

anish: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/sca-bpel/200711/msg00038.html

Ashok Malhotra1: Long running request/response opertaions

Ashok Malhotra1: Dieter: proposal to use WS-Addressing policy mechanisms 
to solve this

Ashok Malhotra1: Dieter: Not sure whether we can resolve here or need to 
move to Assembly TC

Alex Yiu: Dieter ... did you get dropped in the conf call?

anish dieter u still on? we can't hear?

Dieter Koenig: it seems i lost the connection - will dial again

Dieter Koenig: i am back

Ashok Malhotra1: Danny: Let's send to Assembly and see what they say

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish:  Is it just an Assembly issue or Assembly and bpel?

Ashok Malhotra1: Dieter:  I will open in Assembly TC

anish: ACTION: Dieter to move issue 12 to Assembly TC

Ashok Malhotra1: Issue 1

anish: http://www.osoa.org/jira/browse/BPEL-1

Sanjay: What did we decide for issue 12? Are we closing it here and 
opening it in Assembly?

charlton: thats was my understanding

Danny van der Rijn: maybe more of parking it here, pending assembly decision

Ashok Malhotra1: Alex: keep it in but make it non-normative

Sanjay: We don't have a special status for 'parking'. I guess we can 
just not schedule it for our discussion until Assembly resolves their part

Ashok Malhotra1: Dieter:  I would support this

Ashok Malhotra1: Danny:  Remove because is not a standard

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish:  let's not decide this now.  Let's take to 
e-mail and have more discussion

Ashok Malhotra1: Sanjay:  Re issue 12:  Close here and open in Assembly. 
  Or keep it open here?

charlton: +1 to Dieter

Ashok Malhotra1: Danny:  It's hard to reopen closed issues so leave open 
but leave off the agenda

Sanjay: I think we could update the issue 12 with a reference to the 
newly opened Assembly issue

Sanjay: [Anish made this same point just now I guess]

Ashok Malhotra1: AOB

Sanjay: Charlton, you will be a voting member after this call anyways.

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish:  Charlton did you see Sanjay's msg re. attendance?

Ashok Malhotra1: Anish: You are now a voting member for next mtg

Ashok Malhotra1: END OF MEETING

anish ashok can u send the raw minutes to the TC mailing list?

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